7 E’s to Empower Young Black Men

The mission, purpose, and goals of the National Association to Save Young Men can be summed up by the following 7 E’s.

1. Evangelism: We teach parents, civic leaders, church leaders, and others how to reach young black men.

2. Edification: We build up and challenge young men to be strong, moral leaders.

3. Exhortation: We encourage young black men through the vicissitudes of life.

4. Education: We strongly advise young men to pursue higher education.

5. Entrepreneurship: We teach young men how to generate a good income, be good businessmen, and handle their money.

6. Enthusiasm: We share with young men a positive way of life, a life that they can be enthusiastic and excited about, instead of depressed and defeated.

7. Enduring Legacy: We challenge young men to not only live life well, but to leave a rich heritage behind for their sons and daughters and the community in which they live.

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