7 E’s to Empower Young Black Men

The mission, purpose, and goals of the National Association to Save Young Men can be summed up by the following 7 E’s.

The Brother’s Keeper Podcast

Daniel Whyte III, the national bestselling author of Letters to Young Black Men, gives weekly advice and encouragement to young black men. Click here to access the latest episodes.

Take Full Responsibility (Letter 17)

[audio https://www.buzzsprout.com/26357/217065-take-full-responsibility-letter-eighteen.mp3] Dear Y.B.M.: I am writing you today from a basement office of a church in New Haven, Connecticut. I trust that you are continuing to grow as a young man. In this letter, I would like to kindly share with you some things about taking responsibility for yourself, and…

Take the Road Less Traveled (Letter 16)

Dear Y.B.M.: I trust that you are doing well today. I am writing you now to encourage you to take the “road less traveled.” You might be asking, what is the road less traveled? Well, in short, it is the tough, lonely road of self-discipline. This road is about delaying…


You Are Not Inferior! (Letter 15)

Dear Y.B.M.: I am back in Atlanta, and at the writing of this letter, I am on the beautiful campus of Morehouse College — the alma mater of the late and great Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Down through the years, I have noticed that one of the marks of…