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“When young black men are not raised properly with a mother and a father, their only hope is Jesus Christ and sound biblical principles. ‘How can a young man cleanse his ways? By taking heed to God’s Word.’ The only thing that saved me from sure death on the street as a young black man in America is Jesus Christ and the plain, simple teaching and preaching of the Word of God. That’s why the first few chapters of Letters to Young Black Men deal with salvation through Jesus Christ and basic spiritual principles.”

–Daniel Whyte III, Essence National Bestselling Author

We are humbly asking at least 10,000 black churches, white churches, and churches of all races and denominations, to purchase 100 to 1,000 books each at very deep discounts, and freely distribute them to young black men with the study guide as Daniel Whyte III will be teaching through the book on a weekly basis beginning in January.

Testimonials: What People are Saying About Letters to Young Black Men

“Without a doubt, this book will help young black men as they travel on life’s journey. It is understandable and makes easy reading as it is written in simple everyday language. The book provides significant information, advice and encouragement to young black men that will help them to improve in all areas of their lives…This book is great reading and should be read by all young black men. I am confident that any reader will glean gems from this book.”

Major Carl Bennett
Leon County Sheriff’s Department (Tallahassee, FL)

“With biblical truth and wisdom as his guide, Daniel Whyte III makes a significant attempt to do something that people nowadays are either unmotivated, or ill-prepared, to do — disciple young black men. It is an inspirational work, and that’s as great a starting point as any for many of the hopeless, lost souls who it intends to reach.

“The title is definitely an accurate representation of its contents, as the book contains actual letters that Whyte has composed with young black men in mind, bold vignettes of advice and motivation. It is candid, caring, convicting, and most important, Christ-centered.

“With twenty-four honest letters, Whyte challenges young black men to accept salvation through Jesus Christ, grow in their faith through the local church, and embark upon the serious endeavor of discovering their spiritual gifts. That’s the foundation.

“The bottom line, however, is that Letters to Young Black Men is a useful tool in helping to change the life of black males, both young and old. The topics will surely spark much-needed discussion.

“This book seeks to encourage young black men to put a stop to the ignorance that is often promoted in our larger society, an endeavor well worth supporting.”

National Baptist Voice
National Baptist Convention USA

“Daniel Whyte’s book is an eloquent, heart-felt plea for a more constructive and spiritual approach to one of America’s most painful problems: the tragic waste of so many lives of our young black men.”

Michael Medved, Nationally Syndicated Talk Show Host

“It’s a very valuable book to recommend to young men to read. I think it has a lot of potential and could have a good impact.”

Pastor Dwight McKissic, Senior Pastor
Cornerstone Baptist Church, Arlington, Texas

“This is a much needed book for our community. I think that this book is the capstone of Daniel Whyte’s ministry. Every young black man in America should read this book.”

Rev. Sammie Madison, President
Intelligent Faith Ministries, Atlanta, GA

“Daniel Whyte III has knocked a home run with this book, Letters To Young Black Men. It is a timely book. It is powerful. And it is a life-changing book. We need to get it into the hands of every young black man.”

Pastor Valice Cuthbertson, Charlotte, NC

“First and foremost, I would like to thank you for walking the journey that you are on. I was in Wal-Mart looking for a gift for a co-worker. While looking through the aisles, I came across your book, Letters To Young Black Men. I am an adamant reader, and I am trying to move my son in this direction. My son has been having some discipline and focus issues. I have been seeking out different possible mentor programs for him, but so far I have not come up with anything. Well, I saw your book and my son just came to mind. I began to read some of the letters and chapter titles and immediately made the purchase. I am going to give him the book as a Christmas gift to hopefully add to the interest of reading it. My son is 12 years old and very smart. I work with him all the time and make frequent visits to his school to try and stay on top of things; however, I want to ensure I am doing all I can to help my son succeed. Thank you again, and God bless!”

Mrs. Z. Liddel

“Letters To Young Black Men is a great book. I highly recommend it.”

Rev. Andrew Hamilton, Pastor
Berean Baptist Church, Thomasville, GA

“I just finished reading your book, Letters to Young Black Men, and I am writing to commend you and thank you for writing it. I am making a list of folks that will be getting your book as a Christmas gift. And that includes my own two sons. Thank you for the manner/style that it was written in: personable, real, to the point, and with obvious love. I imagine that this writing style will easily be accepted from a male point of view. From a female point of view, it really touched my heart. I have a son who is currently in prison, 16 years, but will be coming home soon. Your book, along with a few others, i.e. the BIBLE, will give instruction and help to get him re-started in the right direction. Thank you again and God bless.”

Mrs. M. L. Hill

“This book is an inspirational work for the reader. It explores the three aspects of life that cause conflicts and problems in the life of young men: the spiritual, mental, and emotional aspects of life that for so long have gone unaddressed are delved into in detail. Although the book talks about young black men, this is a lesson for all young men.”

Mr. Douglas L. Spellman
Texas Wesleyan University, Fort Worth, TX

“I picked up this book in a gas station somewhere between North Carolina and Virginia. I have a 19-year old away at school. He was brought up in the church and, quite honestly, he likes going to church. We’ve never had problems getting him to participate in church activities. So I feel he has the religious roots to stand on. However, being away from home, I know he is being challenged in his church attendance. More importantly, I want him to “know the Lord,” not just attend church. Flipping through the book at the store aroused enough of my interest to purchase it. I read it first before giving it to my son and was even more impressed. That is when I ordered 10 more to give to my husband, pastor, nephews, cousins, and brother-in-law, who is being deployed to Kuwait. I gave the book to my son the week before his Spring Break and told him I expected him to read it once, twice or as many times as necessary over Spring Break to get the message. He truly surprised me and called to tell me he was almost done with it the week I gave it to him. My note inside the book said for him to pass it on to a friend if it benefited him. He said he had highlighted so much of the book, he wanted to keep his and [asked] could I send him two more to give to his room mates. (Yesterday, he wanted two more for others who saw him reading it.) I have not heard from my nephews who I gave it to. They may need a little more encouragement to read it, but that’s why I gave it to them. They truly need ‘encouragement for a difficult journey’. I want to share this with every black young man that I know and their parents. I teach Sunday School, ages 8-11, and I will use the section entitled, ‘Things I wished someone had told me at age 12’ with my class.”

Mrs. B. Denson

“I am a twenty-year-old African-American male, and I must say that this book has turned my life around for the good. I would recommend this book to anyone, especially YBM (young black men) such as myself. This book has inspired me to start a YBM’s ministry at my church where once a week we, the YBM of this generation, will get together, read the book, then discuss it. I think this will really help the YBM in the church and even the ones who are not in the church. I hope I can make it happen. Thanks for the inspiration.”

Delvon Glover

Churches and community leaders, buy these books in bulk at discounted rates.

Our goal is to see 1,000 churches from the top 200 cities in America purchase at lease 100 copies of Letters to Young Black Men to distribute freely to the young men in their community.

To make it as easy as possible to get these books, we are offering them at the deepest discounts ever across the board:

  • Letters to Young Black Men — Reg. Price: $11.99 | Discounted Price: $5.99
  • Mo’ Letters to Young Black Men — Reg. Price: $11.99 | Discounted Price: $5.99
  • Letters to Young Black Men (Study Guide) — Reg. Price: $10.99 | Discounted Price: $5.99
  • Letters to Young Black Men (Leaders Guide) — Reg. Price: $10.99 | Discounted Price: $5.99

Individuals, buy these books at discounted rates to give to sons, brothers, high school students, and college students.

Read the Introduction of Letters to Young Black Men

It appears that many people are concerned about the worsening conditions in the black community of America. And let’s just be honest: we are in a bad way, generally speaking. I say, “generally speaking,” because there are some blacks who are not doing badly at all. But the black community, in general, is not doing that well. You don’t believe that? Just read the newspaper: we’re killing one another, robbing our parents and grandparents, raping our women, selling death to the dying, going to jail wholesale, murdering our babies, not taking care of our responsibilities, and wiping out our future.

Why are we sinking in the sea of murder, drugs and mayhem? How can things be turned around? I believe that the problem lies largely with the black man, and I also believe that the solution lies with the black man. I am convinced that the key to turning black America around is to turn black men around. For any group of people to rise, their men must rise. And after they have risen, they must stay standing no matter what, and take their God-given position as the leaders of their families, churches, communities or what have you. These letters aim to help with that rising and standing.

These letters have been written in the midst of a very hectic schedule of traveling, editing an international publication, and working on several other publishing projects. These letters have also been written in the midst of being a black man, and a black husband and father, with all of the great and awful experiences that go with such an existence. I said that to say this: As I write these letters, I am not in some ivory tower somewhere philosophizing about life as a young black man. Rather, I am right in the middle of life as a young black man.

In short, these letters come from a sincere heart of a black man to the hearts of young black men.

Dear Y.B.M. (Please note that Y.B.M. will stand for “Young Black Man” throughout the book): I believe that this is a book that can absolutely revolutionize your life if you will let it.

See this book as a sign-post on the road of life, pointing you in the right direction. Read it, read it again, and then pass it on to another young black man struggling to find his way in this sometimes confusing and hostile world.

–Daniel Whyte III
Tuskegee University Campus
Tuskegee, Alabama

The Martin Luther King Senior Institute for Young Men and Young Women

Starting in January 2015, Daniel Whyte III will begin teaching “The Ramp” course for young men based on the book, Letters to Young Black Men, and its Study Guide . The course itself is completely free. Be sure to purchase the book and the study guide to be ready when this course begins. Watch Class 1 below.

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